We read about it constantly in the health headlines and biohacking community — get your full seven to nine hours of rest, dreaming occurs between two and four AM, don’t eat past ten PM, wake up at four AM for that bestest life, yadayadayada.

I, for one, fully believe that every person has their own body clock that programs how you eat, sleep, wake, and repeat. One that shouldn’t answer these one-size-fits-all health recommendations unless it’s natural for you.

Are you a morning or night person? Do you eat breakfast or do you fast until lunch? Are you a midnight…

Vaccines, billionaires, and technology won’t save us moving forward after Covid-19 passes and the economy recovers.

“What does a space race have to do with a pandemic?”

The connection wasn’t clear back during the 1918 flu pandemic, but a century later we see this isn’t the case anymore. The world is digitalizing to a point we once deemed impossible. It’s now obvious the sky is no longer the limit. The number one most likely agent to cause human extinction is a pandemic, and we see now how costly it is on any scale we measure it on.

Much discussion is shifting towards how we’ll move forward globally. What changes we’ll make to be more proactive. All the while, this coronavirus just might motivate space companies to get…

Let’s clear up something I find important: I admire NASA — I so happen to have a few NASA t-shirts myself. Their facts on the physical universe and its physical phenomena do matter.

Their opinions on whether astrology has any scientific value, however, do not. They have no authority to call the shots over what affects people.

NASA has achieved extraordinary feats, and this article isn’t to undermeasure how much they’ve contributed to society. Acting as if they rule the throne of science, however, ain’t it either. …

That awkward moment when Shaun Carlson’s anti-astrology experiment — conducted in 1981 — still gets more claps than criticism here in 2020.

That even more awkward moment when those who know absolutely nothing about astrology… claim they’ve proven its “fundamental thesis”.

I don’t even mean to sound pretentious or disrespectful towards Dr. Carlton, but it’s honestly hard not to get in-your-face when the people attempting to ‘take down’ astrology know so little about it — all while flaunting their inflated yet falsified sense of intellectual superiority.

I’ve even tried looking at the positives of the research, as most research experiments…

N.J. Ka'iulani

Astrologer ⋆ Where science meets magic

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